Guess What Makes Real Estate Taste Good For Buyers

How many times have you attended a wedding or birthday party and looked forward to tasting the celebratory cake?

Do you tactfully maneuver your place in line to grab that prized corner cake piece, lush with sugary icing or do you hope that your random cake slice served at your seat is mostly cake-only with minimal icing?

The whole experience begins with admiring the carefully hand-piped decorations and overall appearance of the cake. It doesn’t matter if you are an icing junkie or a cake-only lover. Everyone can appreciate the overall thrill when we first spot the beautiful cake.

Now you might ask: Kathleen, what does this analogy have to do with selling a house?

Professional Home Staging is the ‘icing’ of Real Estate. We buyers pay attention to the first impression made on us when we initially view a home. The concept is that in order to achieve success in real estate, sellers need to have the taste of both cake and icing. When combined together, they keep more buyers interested and asking for seconds.

Of course the cake itself must be edible quality in order to build a good foundation. Yet, think about it…would a bare and plain baked cake make your mouth water all on its own? Probably not. Therefore, please do not scrimp on the icing. It is the ‘finished’ dessert which creates the visual magic for all of us.

Think of this idea when you are trying to sell your real estate. Have you iced and decorated your property listing or simply left it plain and unadorned on the cooling rack, hoping for the best?

Remember, selling a house is not really about whether people love the icing or the cake-only; it is about first impressions made when buyers take a look at your ‘cake’.

Warm Regards,

Kathleen Garvey
Design Specialist – Enhanced Interiors & Home Staging
Fort Myers, FL